Learn more about the benefits of becoming a member.

Your membership in BOMA Long Island provides many benefits:

A diverse array of continuing education and certification programs that are specifically geared to address the major concerns of the commercial building industry.

A specific forum to meet, discuss and exchange ideas with other professionals in similar and/or related fields.

Information, resources and problem solving is easier, with the use of the BOMA-LI membership directory. Simply contact other members who have faced similar problems and discuss the solution that is right for you.

Conventions, conferences and meetings prepared to the further development and education of our members.

The Membership Process

BOMA-LI has three different levels of membership to accommodate the diverse professional environment of Long Island. Membership is held by a company that designates an individual as its representative in the appropriate membership category. They are:

Principal Membership

(Dues $500.00 per annum).

A Principal Member or Regular Member, shall be a legal entity owning, developing, managing, controlling or otherwise involved with real property located within the boundaries of Nassau and Suffolk Counties, wherein there is no other BOMA Chapter. The right to vote and hold office is held by this member.

Additional Principal Membership

(Dues $400.00 per annum).

An Additional Regular Member shall be an individual associated with a Principal Member. This individual will have all rights and privileges of the association with the exception of the right to vote.

Professional Membership

(Dues $500.00 per annum).

A Professional Member shall be an individual of recognized professions, including but not limited to architecture, law, engineering and management consultants.

Allied Membership

(Dues $1.000.000 per annum).

ADDITIONAL ALLIED MEMBERSHIP (Dues $500.00 per annum) An Allied Member or Additional Allied Member shall be individuals, partnerships or corporations who subscribe to the objectives of this Association, but who do not qualify for Principal Membership. This member shall include individuals engaged in selling supplies, services, products, equipment or utility services to the commercial building industry.

All membership shall be subject to approval of the Board of Directors and the approved By-Laws of BOMA – Long Island.

If you have any questions with regard to membership in BOMA Long Island Contact: