Building Management Systems

Presenters:Bruno F. Franceschini, Associate at Jaros, Baum & Bolles EngineeringJohn Arfman – TEC Systems The technology in the Building and Energy Management Systems is developing as fast as the PDA marketplace. This members-only roundtable discussion will address some of the latest industry developments including: • Proprietary systems vs. Open Protocol systems• Open protocols (Lon vs … Read more


Presenters:Meg Carey, President of McEnergy, Inc.John J. McCrory, Executive Vice President, MCE Metering ServicesDoron Shafrir, President of Quadlogic Metering Co.James Biggers, Manager of LIPA Metering & Test Dept. Are you getting appropriate reimbursement for your tenants’ utility use? This meeting is an open discussion of items such as: • How to audit existing submetering bills … Read more

Plantings, Sand & Salt

Presenter:Rich Ignatow, Landscape Architect • Landlords incur a large expense for Landscaping. It’s the first aspect of your building that the public sees, so how to get the most out of our Plantings while still maintaining safety? • Damages of salt to our plants and soil• Preventative measures• Types of salt• Areas that get excessive … Read more