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Understanding Lease Clauses

Understanding Lease Clauses

Understanding Lease Clauses

Presenter: Alan Eidler
Company: Spiegel Associates

Meeting will take place at 8:30 am in the LL of 68 South Service Road, Melville NY.  This meeting will be and open table, so all are welcomed to come.  Please RSVP to

A. Form
  I. Short Form
  II. Lease Lay Out
  III. Exhibits

B. Negotiating Techniques
  I. Close the deal
C. Substantive Issues
  I. Landlord's Consent
  II. Assignments
  III. Sublets
  IV. Non-Disturbance Clause
  V. Force Majeure (For Tenant)
  VI. Mitigation of Damages by Landlord
  VII. Repairs
  VIII. Tenant Self Help
   IX. Condemnation
  X. Environmental

D. Good Guy Guaranty