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Meg Carey, President of McEnergy, Inc.
John J. McCrory, Executive Vice President, MCE Metering Services
Doron Shafrir, President of Quadlogic Metering Co.
James Biggers, Manager of LIPA Metering & Test Dept.

Are you getting appropriate reimbursement for your tenants' utility use? This meeting is an open discussion of items such as:

• How to audit existing submetering bills and reconcile the tenant bills to the building utility invoice.
• How to prepare an RFP for submetering for a new or existing property. When can this be done effectively in-house, and when do you need a consultant?
• How to verify that your spec is code complaint. How do deal with code upgrades when your existing installation is grandfathered.
• Considerations for choosing type of meter, including: is remote meter reading/monitoring necessary? Impact on cost? Do you need to hire a metering company to read the meters and prepare the tenant invoices? Can you do this in-house?
• What does the lease require? Does your lease language address that you may be purchasing electric from an alternate supplier and whether the tenant benefits from the landlord's reduced rate?
• Installing submeters – what are the pitfalls? How to troubleshoot a faulty installation?

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