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Energy Savings for Existing Buildings


One of the highest and most frustrating line item costs for building owners and managers is energy. This members-only roundtable event will discuss the LEED-EB program, current LIPA incentive programs and current National Grid rebates and incentives. Information will include:

  • Statistics on the economic benefits of following LEED guidelines
  • Explanations of Energy Star and LEED - how they differ and when you would use either or both
  • Tax incentive for LEED compliance
  • LIPA incentive programs, both currrent and proposed for 2009
  • National Grid incentive programs for commercial buildings
  • How these different programs tie in with LEED
  • Application and qualification procedures incentive programs

In addition, we will welcome questions from members on these topics.

MODERATOR: Rudy Holesek
LEED: Ralph Benzakine
LIPA: Joseph Rocco
NATIONAL GRID: Kenneth Camilleri & Lee Westerlind

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