Today’s paint and coating products provide so much more than just color!

Technological advancements have produced coatings that also offer increased protection of substrates

and reduced maintenance costs – all with minimal impact to indoor air quality and the environment.

Given by:  Member –  John Franta, Coatings Representative of Sherwin-Williams

  • Learn how to diagnose damage to existing concrete
  • Learn how to repair cracks and patch concrete
  • Understand the different types of surface preparation
  • Be able to specify coatings for different project types and  conditions
  • Learn about the evolution of paint  technology
  • Understand the functional properties of paint and coatings
  • Learn the four basic components of paint
  • Be able to identify different sheens and know when to use each one
  • Pick the right paint system for your project/ application
  • Understand VOC and how to choose a “green” paint
  • Be able to identify common paint performance problems and understand how to prevent them

Date:  Thursday, February 13, 2014

Location:   68 South Service Road, Melville, RXR Lower Level Team Room

Time:   8:30am-10:00am

RSVP: by 2/10/14

Attendees:  Member’s Only

Presentation Coordinator:  Diane Dorsi  – We’re Associates