2nd Annual Bowling with BOMA

BOMA LI 2nd Annual “Bowling with BOMA”

Another successful Event took place at 300 Long Island on 9/23/10

Special thanks to Briscoe Protective Systems for being our Award sponsor this year!

The awards that were given out: Team with the Highest score, Individual’s with the Highest score and the Gutter Ball Champion! 

Prizes were given out throughout the night as the colorful pin came down when it was your turn to bowl.  Depending if you got a strike, spare or just hit the pin you were able to select a prize!
Award – Highest Score – First Place Eddie Allen son of Second Place winner Arthur Allen of Arthur Allen Carpets, the family that stole the high score awards that night.


Award – Team with the High Score – Diane Dorsi of We’re Associates; President of BOMA LI, Tony Cipriano of Vita Painting, Bill Correa of Optimum Lightpath & Lacey Baker of Optimum Lightpath
Our returning Gutter Ball Champion Denise Matrona of Winthrop Management took home for the second year in a row the Gutter Ball Champion award, she didn’t let us down.
Award Sponsor – Briscoe Protective Systems Inc. Dave Miranda & Denise Rueda of Briscoe Protective Systems. A special thanks to Denise for being our Photographer for the evening.
Some BOMA LI Board Members – John Proscia of Sutton & Edwards Management, Rick Yaffe of United realty, & Diane Dorsi of We’re Associates.
Bill Conroy of Briscoe Protective Systems, Inc., Kevin Murphy of RXR Realty and Board Member of BOMA LI, Steve Egert of Universal Security Systems.