Understanding Lease Clauses

Understanding Lease Clauses

Presenter: Alan Eidler
Company: Spiegel Associates

Meeting will take place at 8:30 am in the LL of 68 South Service Road, Melville NY.  This meeting will be and open table, so all are welcomed to come.  Please RSVP to Kmurphy@rxrrealty.com.

A. Form
  I. Short Form
  II. Lease Lay Out
  III. Exhibits

B. Negotiating Techniques
  I. Close the deal

C. Substantive Issues
  I. Landlord’s Consent
  II. Assignments
  III. Sublets
  IV. Non-Disturbance Clause
  V. Force Majeure (For Tenant)
  VI. Mitigation of Damages by Landlord
  VII. Repairs
  VIII. Tenant Self Help
   IX. Condemnation
  X. Environmental

D. Good Guy Guaranty