Commercial property owners and managers face security challenges daily. From keeping their tenants and their property physically protected while still allowing easy access and egress to being aware of security threats via electronic attacks, biohazards and terrorists looking for “soft targets,” it’s crucial for landlords to know what their responsibilities are and how to protect themselves and their tenants.

Learn more about the threats and most efficient and effective ways to safeguard commercial buildings at this Open Forum where BOMA-LI members as well as all who are interested in commercial real estate on Long Island are welcome to attend.

* James Sherry, Chief Counsel and Chief of Staff from NYS Homeland Security to discuss the nature of threats that LI may be subject to and measures to take to reduce our risks

* Ken Damstrom, Executive VP & CEO of T&M Protection Resources, a former US Secret Service Agent to discuss manpower, executive protection, bank fraud, electronic crimes, etc.

* Andy Lowitt, President of Lowitt Alarms & Security Systems, Inc. to discuss the latest in security equipment (cameras, access controls, etc.).