Disaster Management

BOMA-LI members will receive exclusive and critically important information to help them become better prepared for the possibility of disasters on Long Island. This presentation answers crucial questions including:

  • What threats do we really face here on the Island?
  • What should building owners and managers do in order to be prepared?
  • If a disaster occurs, what to do next?

“Long Island Storms – What’s in the Wind?”
Hurricane Insurance has become expensive and difficult to obtain in high risk parts of the country. Long Island has not yet seen the same challenges as in Florida and the Gulf Coast, but this may change as time goes on.

  • Building Vulnerability to Wind Damage
  • Hurricane Loss Analysis and Insurance
  • Hurricane Mitigation Measures
  • Insurance Modeling in Long Island
  • Mitigation Program in Florida

“Blast and Terrorism Risk – The Basics”
The second part of our presentation will briefly summarize current approaches to analyzing and mitigating blast risk, the current state of terrorism loss modeling, and insurance.

“What To Do After A Loss Occurs”
Your future may depend on how you handle a post-loss situation, so the presentation will conclude with suggestions on what steps to take immediately after an incident.

Mark P. Ellis, S.E.
Vice President, Risk Assessment
Thornton Tomasetti

Fletcher A. MacGregor, P.E.
Managing Director, Specialty Global Practice Leader
Natural Hazards & Emergency Management
Marsh Risk Consulting

Donald Kinnear
AVP & Executive General Adjuster
McLarens Young International