Fluorescent Lighting Disposal, and Recycling of the Commercial Waste Stream

Bill Sanchez, VP of Operations, 
Northeast Lamp Recycling
Ken Sillifant, General Manager, Jamaica Ash and Rubbish Removal

Fluorescent Lighting Recycling – Did you know it was the law?
A discussion of reducing environmental mercury contamination associated with the improper disposal & mismanagement of “spent” fluorescent and other mercury-containing lamps, as well as eWaste (electronic recycling), battery disposal , ballast recycling and mercury device recycling.

Recycling of the Commercial Waste Stream
Recycling, for many reasons, is becoming an increasing important topic for many businesses. The following is an outline describing the state of recycling on Long Island and its future opportunities.

I. History of recycling for the commercial sector on Long Island.
II. Driving factors in creating recycling programs.
III. Types of Recyclables