Proper Lease Administration & New Leasing Checklists and Tracking

Harry Szenicer, Esq., General Counsel, Spiegel Associates
Peter Varous,CFO, Spiegel Associate

Inappropriately prepared leases can cause misunderstandings and legal issues. On the other hand, proper lease documents and tracking can make a landlord’s business run more efficiently and profitably. At this members-only Roundtable, a commercial real estate attorney and a CFO will show how to prepare and track leases to make the most of your business. In the Roundtable format, questions, discussions and input from members on their experiences are welcome and encouraged.

Topics include:
• Lease Resumes (Abstracts), how they are developed, and important items to be included in the abstract.
• Application of the Lease Abstract to the accounting functions.
• How the accounting division takes the lease resume and applies it to the accounts receivable function.